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Reg Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist in Göteborg or online since 2014.


Idrottsdietisten provides diet counseling and nutrition advise for patients and athletes in Gothenburg, Sweden and online. You don't have to have a "remiss" from your doctor to start your conseling but in some cases additional blood tests or visits to the doctor will be neccassary. Idrottsdietisten is a registered healthcare provider and you can feel safe reaching out for guidance. I also work with athletes aiming to optimize their diet to perform their best with a specialized diploma in sports nutrition from the IOC.

First session 1990 sek

A longer meeting, 70-90 min, with plenty of time to go through your history, goals and make the first important steps towards your new food habits. These are some things that we normally do at our first session:

  • We go thorugh your current and previous life- and diet situation; food intake, training habits, medications, allergies or deficiencies, any relevant symptoms and current supplements. ❕Please email me before our meeting 2-4 days of food intake and any blood tests results that I need to see.

  • Measuring start values such as: body weight, BMI, bowel circumference, aproximately estimated energy- and macronutrient needs (if your goal is body weight related).

  • Dietitian assessment if there is a medical diagnosis to work with.

  • Set of realistic goals for you of which we will base our following meetings together.

  • Specific guidelines on what you should focus on initially (calorie and macro intake, meal order, training amount etc). We start with the most essential adjustments and change accordingly along the way.

  • Time for questions.

If you are unsure how to make the booking in swedish, please email me and I will help you!

Revisits - 45 minutes

Package deals


5 revisits 6 790 sek • Popular! •

Regurlary revisits every 1-3rd week. Visit the office in Göteborg, Sweden, or via video link online - the choise is yours!

10 revisits:  12 990 kr

A package of 10 revisits to distribute over a period of 6 months, let's meet up every 1-3rd week. You can also divide the payment in two halfs - 2 x 6590kr.

Payments Plans:


8 revisits during 6 months

1790 kr x 6

Chose this if you want to pay a smaller amount every month instead of all of it at once. We meet 8 times during 6 months - a great start! No invoice fee is added.

10 revisits during 6 months

6590 kr x 2

10 revisits during 6 months and with no invoice fee added.


You can also pay each session as you go

Your first revisit: 1590 sek    ◦    Every other revisits: 1390 sek

Shorter visit for weigh-ins or basic follow up questions - 10-15 min: 690 sek

Parent support:

590 sek/session. Shorter meetings  (10-15 min) for one-on-ones regarding your child's treatment (12-17 years old) with Idrottsdietisten. You will of course be given some information about the treatment regardless, but if you feel the need to either sit down or have a proper call with us after some or all your child's sessions, we can book such meetings at the office, on telephone or as a video call.

Payment info:


Swish (during visit): + 0 sek

Invoice (7 days): + 49 sek

Accompanying adult:


For children 12-17 years old undergoing medical treatment: One parent can accompangy without any extra fee.

Other accompaniants: Extra fee of +490 sek per visit if we meet irl. For all video sessions, you can bring a parent or family member without any extra fee.



Diet certificate: 390 sek

For school lunches etc.


Parent support: 590 sek

10-15 min to discuss and get info about your child's medical treatment at Idrottsdietisten.


  • All packages and any pre-paid revisit are valid 6 months from purchase.

  • Dietitian revisits are aprox 45 min, training sessions 60 min. Shorter revisits for weigh-ins only are 10-15 min.

  • Tax is included in the price when applicable. All healthcare treatment (obesity, underweight, eating disorder, IBS etc) and investigations of the same are VAT-exempt. The amount of VAT for your treatment is visible on your receipt or invoice.

  • You are always welcome to contact us during your treatment period for shorter questions through email or sms with any of your questions that cannot wait until the next session.

Extra: Individual training programs and recipes


These extras are most commonly not necessary in order to reach your goals, but can in some cases help you to keep your path and make sure you are doing the right things. During our booked sessions together we will talk about kcal and macros (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and more how you can distribute it over the day or the week including smart food choices. We use a food app (if you want to) or more general rules, in order for you to meet with the needed recommendations. This will make you flexible (food wise, not necessarily body wise), and understand WHY - not only HOW - giving you a better understanding and hopefully longer lasting effect.


However, if you think that you will benefit from receiving already calculated recipes for all, or some of, your meals, a meal plan as can be seen below is the choice for you. But wait until the first visit to decide, maybe you can learn how to eat right from our discussions during your visits instead? The training sessions below can be a good match four you if you want to find some structure in your training, go and do all the fun training and let me do the thinking!


Diet schedule / Recipes: 1990-5900 sek depending on type of schedule

Ask us for more info in english.

Training program 1-2 sessions/week: 2900 sek

Strength training or shorter interval sessions of your choice. Bring it to your gym or the running track and feel comfort in knowing you are doing the right thing. Individually set depending on your current state and goals.

Training program 3-10 sessions/week (for about 6-10 weeks): 5900 sek

A full training period planned just for you. Strength training and shorter interval sessions for the whole body. The repetitions and sets are progressing through out the period of 6-10 weeks.

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