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If you are having troubles with booking in swedish, please send me an email or fill in the form below and I will help you!

Welcome to contact me for more information or booking a first visit as soon as you are ready! Take care!

Idrottsdietisten is your dietitian and personal trainer in Sweden. The counseling take place in the central parts of Gothenburg, in Lindholmen, or online if you are abroad or find it more convenient to meet over the phone or computer.

Josefine Dahlqvist is a Reg. Dietitian with a medical degree i Clinical Nutrition as well as a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee. With the scientific base together with her experience from track and field training and competition, she will give you the important insights in what you need to focus on in order to to achieve your highly set goals.

We are also happy to come out to your company or organisation talking about food habits, diet myths or the best nutrition for your situation. Online lectures are of course also available.

You can read more about who Josefine is here (Linkedin). For example, did you know that Josefine is also an international track and field official with several big championships and meets on her list? Or that she recently got a grade in a university course in astrophysics? (But no worries, she will not change career to become an austronaut just yet!)

Any questions? Send me a message and I will answer you as soon as possible:

Thanks! Message sent.


This is a private practise and you can chose to pay by swish or by invoice. Some insurance companies can also cover the costs. Full price list can be found here.


Idrottsdietisten works in several areas to help people, athletes and patients with sports nutrition, and diet related diagnosis such as overweight / weight loss, underweight / weight gain, eating disorders and IBS. You can learn more about the different diagnosis we work with here.


You will find Idrottsdietisten at City Center in Göteborg, Sweden, at Lilla Bommen 3, but you are also welcome to contact me if you are in other parts of Sweden or the world and we want to arrange the diet counselling online.

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