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Reg Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist - Göteborg and online

Idrottsdietisten is translated to "The Sports Dietitian" wich indicates some of the areas that we take care of, but not all. If you are an athlete or elite athlete and need someone to look into your diet and race nutrition, you have come to the right place! My second are of expertise is some medical diagnosis that  has to do with diet and nutrition intake, such as overweight and obesity, underweight, eating disorders, IBS and other.

You can visit me with or without a "remiss" from your doctor. For some diagnosis however, it is neccessary to meet your doctor before coming to me, to make sure that we treat your symptoms the right way, you can also be advised to take some blood tests before we meet - ask me or your doctor if that might be the case for you if you are unsure.

The office is located in the center of Gothenburg /Göteborg, and is easily accessible from the central station (10 min). You can also book video sessions if you live far away or find it more convinient. Welcome to book your appointment when you are ready to start!

Learn more about the different areas that I work with below:

Sports Nutrition


I help athletes that wants to make sure they eat according to their training goals and energy needs. My background as a track and field athlete will help me understand what it takes to perform, and my academic background in Clinical Nutrition as well as a post-University grade in Sports nutritioin from the International Olympic Committée will help me understand your specific needs from an academic - and science point of view.

You will find me in Göteborg, Sweden, or meet up in video sessions online. Welcome to contact med for nutritional guidance to perform your best!

Eating disorders


Eating disorders comes in many forms. Idrottsdietisten meet people with anorexia, bulimia or other types of disordered eating patterns.


You most often need to see a psychiatrist or similar parallell to our sessions so that you are ready to make the neccessary diet changes needed in order to get healthy again. If you have had a very limited food intake or are underweight, you also need to see a doctor that can help you with some blod testas and general medical assessments.


In athletes we sometimes recognize a too restrictive diet intake as "RED-s" = Relative  Energy Deficiancy in Sports. It is not a proper medical diagnosis but if you feel that you recognise the symptoms (less training results, loss/changes in menstural bleeding patterns, tiredness, feeling cold, loss of apetite and/or low weight) you probably need to change your diet regardless and therefor can feel very welcome to contact Idrottsdietisten for nutritional assistance.

Weight management for overweight or underweight


För att gå ner i vikt krävs en kostförändring, ibland i kombination med ökad eller justerad träning.  Ju tidigare du tar tag i din övervikt eller viktökning, desto bättre är chanserna att lyckas och snart kunna återgå till sin önskade vikt. Läs mer om viktnedgång här.

If you recently involuntarily (or with force) lost weight and a doctor has ruled out any other reasons for this than too low energy intake and/or too much training, we can help you!


First step is to aknowledge your current weight and BMI and your estimated energi need, and we take all the neccessary steps from there. The goal is for you to understand how much you need to eat to get healthy again and how to keep that weight longterm.


Normally a BMI under 18,5 is considered underweight, but we can help you if you are over that as well if the weight reduction has been fast or you feel that you need assistance gaining your balance again before you go too far.

IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome


IBS can be manifested as bloating, stomache cramps, consipation or diarrhea. It is important that a doctor has ruled out any other reasons for these symptoms before you start your IBS treatment with Idrottsdietisten. The goal with a dietitian treatment for IBS is to understand better what your body reacts to, and how you can eat enough from what is left after tou might need to limit some of the foods that  makes your stomache react badly.


We use FODMAP in the treatment, but not only. Consider some of the food adjustments as longterm, but also know that you allthough probably will be more confident why and how your body reacts after only a few weeks of following the given recomendations.


4-6 sessions are normally needed to get to the bottom of this diagnosis. Welcome to book your appointment!



Som vegetarian eller vegan är det viktigt att ha god koll på vad man äter för att få i sig det kroppen behöver. Även om du äter helt vegansk kost, om du inkluderar mejeriprodukter, ägg, fisk eller inte så är det bra att gå igenom sin kost för att förhindra eventuella näringsbrister. Det kan vara bra att ha tagit grundläggande blodprover för att undersöka näringsbrister innan eller i strax efter ditt första möte här. Läs mer om vegetarisk kost här.

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