Idrottsdietisten provides diet counseling and nutrition advises for patients in Gothenburg and online. You don't have to have a "remiss" from your doctor to start your conseling but in some cases additional blood tests or visits to the doctor will be neccassary. Idrottsdietisten is a registered healthcare provider and you can feel safe reaching out for guidance. I also work with athletes aiming to optimize their diet to perform their best with a specialized diploma in sports nutrition from the IOC.

First Appointment: 1990 sek

A longer meeting where we have plenty of time to talk about your history, goals and start with the good new habits. 70-90 min.

  • We go through your current and previous situation in terms of diet- and training habits, medications, allergies or deficiencies, supplements, medical journal, nutrition related diseases etc.

  • Measuring of start values (if the goal is to change body weight or find new and balanced eating habits): body weight, BMI, bowel circumference, estimated energy- and macronutrient needs

  • Dietitian assessment if there is a medical diagnosis to work with

  • Set of realistic goals for you of which we will base our following meetings together

  • Specific tips on what you can do to reach your goal initially (calorie intake, macro intake, meal planning, training etc). We start with the most essential and adjust along the way.

  • Time for your own question

After your first appointment, you choose what kind of follow-up plan that suits you best: package deals, monthly payments or to pay visit-by-visit when we meet. Further down you will also see the available extras such as individual and more precise diet programs and training schedules.

Packages deals

2 follow-ups: 2700 sek

Our smallest package for lighter diet adjustments and support. After these two sessions you can either pay each session at a time (1290 sek/session) or chose another package of your choise.


5 follow-ups: 6 300 sek  Popular!

Make sure that you give yourself a good start with regular follow ups and contact over five sessions, can be used at both diet counselling or training sessions.

10 follow-ups:  11 900 sek

When you want an even more genuine coaching in becoming the new you. Use the sessions on either diet or training, you decide! 

Monthly payments


Pay  every month, receive an email invoice and save money. Our dietitian and personal trainer is by your side with answers and motivation all the way until you reach your goal!


6 months:  Popular!

1590 sek/month

8 revisits during half a year, Diet or training as you chose!

12 months:

1290 sek/month

14 follow-ups  (in other words 2 free sessions!) during a whole year, max 2 sessions/month.

All packages  are valid 6 months from purchase (exept the 12 months monthly deal). Dietitian revisits aprox 45 min, training sessions 60 min. You can always contact us during your treatment period for digital advises and answers to your questions that cannot wait until the next session. 

Pay per session


...after the packages of your choise, you can chose to pay each visit at a time instead using swish or recieve an invoice after every visit. Swish can be used with any swedish telephone number and a swedish banc account.


1290 sek/revisit or training session

Plenty of time for adjustments, discussing your questions and making changes if neccessary.

Diet revisits = 45 min.

490 sek/shorter revisit

A shorter revisit for measurments and weigh-ins to maintain motivation and keeping you on track. 15 min.

Invoice: + 49 sek

Swish (during visit): + 0 sek



Medical journal:  390 sek

Diet certificate (for school etc):  390 sek

Finally, chose if you need any extra assistance with individual diet schedules or individual and target oriented training programs. Ask us if you have questions wether this will benefit you.

Extras: Diet Schedules & Training Programs

These extras are most commonly not necessary in order to reach your goals, but can in some cases help you to keep your path and making sure you are doing the right things duringa certain period of time in the counselling.


During the sessions together you will be given recommendations on kcal and macros (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and if you want to also more specific how you can distribute it over the day. Of course we will talk about food choises, not only numbers, but you will not be given a 7 pages diet scheme with recepies by default, instead we use a food app (if you want to) or more general rules in order for you to meet with the recommendations. This will make you more flexible (food wise, not neccessarily body wise), and understand WHY, not only HOW, giving you a better understanding and hopefully longer lasting.


If you however think you will benifit from recieving several recepies for all of your meals, a meal plan as can be seen below is the choise for you, but wait until the first visit to decide, maybe you can learn how to eat right from our discussions during your visits instead.


Individual diet schedule for one day: 1900 sek

En värdefull exempeldag uträknad att passa en vanlig dag i din vardag utifrån dina mål och preferenser. Ger dig mer möjlighet att på egen hand utforma din bästa kost under vägledning av oss och våra möten tillsammans.


Individual weekly diet schedule: 5900 sek (To be used for about 6-12 weeks depending on your goal)

Utifrån dina preferenser och utgångsläge får du en hel veckas detaljerat kostschema med 7-8 olika luncher och middagar, 5-7 olika frukostar och 5-7 olika mellanmål att variera under veckan. Tid för måltider inkluderas också. Kostschemat kan hållas så länge samma målsättning, t ex viktnedgång eller muskelbyggande, kvarstår.

Individuellt träningsprogram 1-3 pass: 2900 sek

Ta med dig träningen hem eller till ditt gym och få individuella instruktioner så att du får ut mest av träningen! T ex styrketräningsprogram eller intervallpass (för intervallschema för konditionsträning ingår flera alternativ på dessa så att du kan variera över veckorna) för ditt behov! Perfekt för dig som tränar färre pass per vecka men vill vara säker på att du gör de rätta övningarna i rätt antal och belastning för maximal effekt och prestation!

Individuellt träningsprogram veckoplanering, 3-10 pass:  4900 sek

Detaljerat träningsprogram för en hel vecka som du rekommenderas att hålla i ca 8 veckor. Ta med dig träningen hem eller till ditt gym och få individuella instruktioner så att du får ut mest av träningen!

All prices include swedish VAT. Packages and payed meetings need to be used withing 6 months from date of purchase. Read the full terms and conditions here.

Diet counseling online (Zoom)

In case you cannot visit me at Lindholmen in Gothenburg, you are welcome to meet up online. If you aim to change your body weight you need to make sure that you have a body scale and maesuring tape to use at home. We also use an online food registration app (if you want to) so that we both can follow your intake during the visits.